Monday, 16 September 2019

4 Best Jabra Headsets Recommended by the Professionals

Jabra headsets are qualified for the perfect sound solutions for the office, the commute, the gym, call center or wherever you need them. Each Jabra product is designed after hundreds of hour’s research and development to give you the best of the best audio. They are engineered to work smarter and pack in with more features than other headphones in terms of comfort and quality audio. Corded headsets offer you total freedom to move around and still stay attached with your connecting devices strongly. You can choose and enjoy the superior sound quality with these 4 best Jabra headsets anywhere at any time.

Jabra Pro 920 Duo

These headsets are built-in for professional use with the desk phones. They provide all the essential features of the earpieces in an elegant design at a convenient price. They have outclassed features that will help fulfill all of your professional attitude needs. They provide HD quality sound for the listener and speaker. The crystal clear sound provides helps to improve the understanding and a healthy conversation between agent and client. The noise-canceling feature is highly adaptive to eliminate all background noises and give you a noise-free atmosphere to talk to your valuable clients.  The design is so unique and comfortable for wearing for long hours. 

They are so lightweight that one does not feel the device on their head and soft leatherette cushions give a perfect fit on the ears. The total control is given into your hands as there are separate buttons to mute call or turn volume up and down. Special LED display makes it look more attractive which is linked with battery, mute and audio indicators.

Evolve 75 Stereo MS with Charging Stand

The future of the sound is in your hand as these wireless earpieces allow you to have double access to your Bluetooth devices. They have dual Connectivity to two Bluetooth devices that allow you to take calls and listen to the music from the same headset. They are certified for the Skype business and webinars conference calls offering you a larger span to connect and collaborate with others. The broadband frequency allows you to move 100ft/30m away while being connected with the PC or smartphone. The HD voice of your calls makes you understand another person easily and efficiently. You can enjoy the world-class music sound on these speakers without any doubt. 

These earplugs are lightweight so that you may not feel fatigued or stress while working for long hours. They have a talk time up to 15 hours which is more than enough to enjoy long chats without any distortion. The Hybrid 4 mic ensures a superior active noise cancellation feature that eliminates all the background noises for you to stay focus on the calls that are more important than anything. Furthermore, you can stay connected with the outside world while having your device on the head by their listen- in-feature. The manufacturer supplies 2 years warranty packed up with headsets, Jabra link 370 USB adapter, charging stand, USB cord and protective travel case in the box.

Evolve 40 Stereo UC

These earphones are designed exclusively to offer professionals a smooth conversation with dedicated concentration. The premium noise-canceling technology provides you a peaceful environment to work without any distortion. They are effective to use in the busy and noisy offices to make you stay focused on the job. They can be connected to several devices such as PC, tablets, and smartphones easily. They are easy to operate and use for the best sound quality. The control unit supports comfortable and easy access to frequently used functions such as volume and mute. The microphone boom arm can be integrated into the headband to change your professional tool into a personal one.

BIZ 2400 II Duo USB UC

Make your customers hear you loud and clear with these best in class performance headphones. No matter how challenging the surrounding maybe you can still stay focused and communicate without any distortion. The noise cancellation feature is highly effective in giving you a peaceful 2-way communication with an unbreakable 360 degrees Free Spin boom that catches your sound to be transmitted ahead as it is. The sudden pop-up and breathing sounds are controlled to hear what is said from both ends. A comfortable long day wearing makes your agent happy and more productive for the firm.    

Be professional and use these recommended earphones to enhance the working performance of your agents and the company as well.

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